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The palliative care network encompasses and works closely with midwifery, obstetric , neonatal and fetal medicine teams. Clinicians attend the weekly fetal medicine meetings and referrals can be made in this forum or through our normal referral pathways at any time in pregnancy. 

Joint working aims to support pregnant women, their families and the infant who may have a short life. Working with hospice colleagues we can currently support with


  • Joint counselling and decision making

  • Advance care planning 

  • End of life care

  • Compassionate extubation

  • Care of a family where their baby has already died in order to support them spending time together with use of a cold cot either in hospital, at home or in the hospice setting

  • On-going counselling and support services for families including siblings and wider family members such as grandparents, both during a child’s life and after death.

  • Bereavement support


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